23 November, 2011

Thankful {Have a Happy Thanksgiving}

Last week, my younger sister (I have another, youngest, one) spent the day and night with me in the city. She is five years younger than me and it seems that we spent most of our lives in battle. When my parents first brought her home from the hospital, any feelings of joy were quickly overtaken by hostility at this new creature who had, with such speed, stolen my parents from me and, to add salt to the wound, cried ceaselessly. I cherished her nap time.

As she grew older, we exchanged not so loving words over her inability to keep her mess contained to her side of the room. Later, as we moved from an apartment to a house and we each had our own rooms, our disputes centered around her stealing clothes and things from my room.

By the time I was in college and she in high school, my parents were ready to tear their hair out. My mother is an only child and my dad has an older brother but, spent most of his childhood traveling and then his young adult life in other cities for school and university. So, neither was able to fully grasp the concept of sibling rivalry. The arguments I've described above were petty, but there were others - arguments and differences which threatened our relationship to the core.

Then, miraculously, in the past few years, our relationship took a turn for the better. We stopped fighting and we became friends. Not just friends, but best friends. And I've finally realized what my parents have been trying to tell me all along - a sister is an amazing gift (or any family member, for that matter), because she understands me, she knows me - completely and unconditionally. And now that the battles are behind us, we can sit for hours at a coffee shop and laugh over the times dad embarassed us or the silly things our youngest sister does, or our own reckless childhood mistakes.

And my favorite thing? We can talk about our relationships, about our dreams, about our futures. She doesn't judge me, she simply understands me, and I her.

I cannot wait until we all have families and can gather together for Thanksgiving. Our husbands will gather around the bonfire, drinks in hand, while the children run around, laughing and screaming to their heart's content. And the three of us, we'll look on, knowing how far we've come.

And so, this Thanksgiving, I am so, so grateful for my sisters. They may have been little brats growing up ( I was the perfect older child, of course), but I couldn't live without them, now.

Tomorrow we will be spending the holiday at my in-law's house by the lake. I've got a beautiful black lace dress to wear, though I'm not so sure how beautiful it will look once I lose the ability to hold my stomach in after ingesting loads of food.

Enjoy the holiday, and be thankful for your brothers, sisters, and family! xx


la petite coquine said...

This is so wonderful! I have a younger brother, and those 17 months were long enough to make me feel like I owned the house, our parents...it's been great getting to actually enjoy him as an adult!

Happy Thanksgiving!


My sister and I became closer as we got older as well. Now she's my best friend, in fact. I would never had thought that would be the case way back when.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Haha you just basically described me and my sister :) they are so wonderful once we're old enough to appreciate them!

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful post. Love it.

Happy Thanksgiving Anait to you and your family ;-)

L said...

Great post - funny how relationships change as we get older! And ah, I love Starbucks Christmas cups.