07 December, 2011

7 December, 1988

On a day when most of the world remembers Pearl Harbor, I am remembering the December 7, 1988 earthquake which devastated northwestern Armenia, completely wiping out the town of Spitak and leaving Leninakan (now known as Gyumri) in ruins. My grandparents' village, the town where my father was born and where I have spent the best summers of my life.

It was an earthquake which left more than 25,000 dead and countless more injured, orphaned and scarred. One I am lucky to only hear about through the stories of my parents and relatives who experienced the unimaginable pain for themselves.

An earthquake that demonstrated the resilience of our people, and one which, today, reminds me of the importance of family and makes my heart ache for all those that are far away.


Kelly said...

Thinking of you and your family. Sometimes through grey struggle, so much love and appreciation can be found. Hoping that's the case for you!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember this event but the death toll is unbelievable. This must have been a terrible life experience.

tinajo said...

Such an awful disaster - you and your loved ones have my symphaty for this. Nature is both beautiful and cruel.