06 December, 2011

The End of the Semester Looks Like This

Overflowing books, papers, empty tea mugs, cookie crumbles...these are signs of the last week of the semester. Especially the books - they're everywhere--strewn about the table, on the floor, consuming the window sill.

I've got one paper to submit today by 3:30pm (which begs the question, why am I blogging? See: Procrastination), another one due Thursday, and the last one (plus a large research proposal) due Monday.

I suppose this is the price to pay for the otherwise wonderful graduate-student life (flexible classes, researching topics that actually interest me, coffee outings with classmates, long intellectual chats, etc. etc.).

After this semester I will be done with all the coursework required for my PhD (though I'll still take classes that interest me), and the hard part will begin: studying for preliminary exams, formulating a thesis proposal, research, research, and more research and, finally...writing my thesis.

It is all very daunting, to say the least. But, I've learned quite well that nothing good comes easily......and no one said the path towards dreams is paved in gold...or even paved at all.

But boy, am I looking forward to Monday night. To sleeping in the next morning. To strolling the Christmas market downtown, to meeting with friends for hot cocoa and cookie exchanges.

Because the best part of being a graduate student might just be having a month-long winter break (and, of course, a four month summer break, too).


Mo Pie, Please said...

Oi! I stopped after my bachelor's but I don't miss that big pile of stuff to do. Not one bit!

Anonymous said...

I'll be so happy for you when you are done with these papers and can start enjoying the Christmas season. Good luck!

Will you demand us calling you Professor when you're done with your studies? ;-)

tinajo said...

Sleeping in is wonderful - when I get a chance..! :-)