31 January, 2012

From Belgium, Via Australia

I've had a bit of a stressful day {including such lovely events as missing files from the research I've been conducting for the past year, and back-and-forth e-mails with our wedding venue which, though exciting, is proving to be extremely time consuming and a very effective test of my patience}

So you can imagine how absolutely thrilled I was when I opened the mailbox and saw a package addressed to me, from Australia - and even more so, when I opened it to find it was a beautiful notebook picked for me by Lisa in Belgium, whose blog I discovered a while back and have since bonded with over a mutual obsession with all things beautiful and, of course, French.

Merci mille fois, Lisa, for brightening my day!! I'll have to think of a special use for the notebook, it's almost too beautiful to write in!

Days like these are reminders of how amazing blogging is - when I showed my fiance the package, he said: "It's amazing that someone you have never met in real life took the time to get to know you, to pick out something for you, and to spend their time and energy towards sending you this".

Little does he know, Lisa and I have plans to meet, someday....in Paris, of course!! ;)

24 January, 2012


I love living with my man. Waking up next to him every morning, the cuddles, the little romantic moments amidst the everyday routine.

But (this is an inconsequential "but", not to worry!), living with a man means a change in decor, a merging of two aesthetics - of the masculine and feminine.

Sometimes, I dream of  a completely feminine pied-a-terre. A getaway for afternoon tea with the girlfriends, slumber parties and at-home spa days.

It would look, I imagine, something like this.....

Source: luxefinds.com via Anait on Pinterest

23 January, 2012


Amazing how a little photo editing can change the way a person looks (I promise I'm not really the evil woman in #2) Speaking of photo-editing, I'm sure you've heard that the editing website Picnik will be closing in April....very sad news but, there is a silver lining! They are offering their Premium services free to all members until their close on April 19th. I'm taking advantage by editing the hundreds (most likely thousands) of photos I've had lying around my desktop for ages. 

I think I'll make several photobooks (via Shutterfly...they make truly great quality photobooks, for those who are interested) of various travels, memories, etc. Photographs are meant to be admired and cherished, not lost amidst a plethora of disorganized desktop files. 

Hope you had a cozy weekend! 

I'm leaving you with Carla Bruni's velvety voice singing "Regardez-Moi/Le Plus Beau Du Quartier". Happy Monday!

19 January, 2012

Five Things {That Brighten These Winter Days}

{1} The beautiful postcard that came with the calendar I ordered from the Manchiks , and which reminded me of home. 

{2} A collection of new books with beautiful titles that promise delicious content. 

{3} Gold sequins tend to make any day better. 

{4} New scarves in bright colors and soft wool. 

 {5} Not even winter can keep me from my addiction to frozen yogurt!

Thank you so very much for your comments on yesterday's post. You all are the best, truly!

17 January, 2012

A Very Long Engagement



It seems we (my fiance and I, that is) are starting the New Year by breaking a resolution already...perhaps the most important one - to get married this year.

After much thought and planning, we've decided to move the wedding to June/July 2013.

 In France. 

Outside Paris.

In a castle. 

In light of these facts, I think waiting a year will be entirely worth it :) 

We have so many plans for this year - I'll be traveling to Latvia sometime in the Spring, then in the summer we'll be apartment hunting, attending a wedding of my close friend for whom I"ll be a MOH, in the fall we hope to travel to Armenia, and in December we'll be in Australia for my cousin's wedding. 

Planning our wedding in the midst of everything seemed harried, rash and financially unsound. The more we talked about it, the more we stressed, until we realized this whole process should be one that we enjoy. 

And now that we've made the decision to wait, the weight is lifted off our shoulders and we are enjoying researching venues (we've found the one, waiting to finalize it!), finding photographers, and just discussing what our dream day will be like. 

I'm really looking forward to this year of adventures and planning, and to sharing the journey with you!

Source: stylemepretty.com via Anait on Pinterest

12 January, 2012

The Difference A Day Makes

The first photo was taken yesterday afternoon when it was a balmy 54 degrees (F) and we opened the windows to air out the apartment and, the next one this morning with the first real snowfall of the season. 

The second one almost seems like a black and white version of the first, doesn't it? 

(notice the window is firmly shut. brrr)

Now that Christmas has past (and thus any occasion for which snow could be considered charming and apropos) I much prefer to have the first view out the window. 

This winter weather has been so indecisive -first the uncharacteristic warmth, now, finally, the snow, and in the next few days it's expected to warm up again. Make up your mind, Mother Nature (but for goodness sake please don't prolong winter through April!). 

I've survived the first week of the term, even if I did run around like a headless chicken all day today. Tomorrow is the "old" New Year (the Orthodox one), so we'll be celebrating with a bottle of champagne and a cozy night at home (I'll start "celebrating" early by cleaning the apartment....must come into the new year with a clean home!). Sunday my parents will be over for some wedding talk (I'll divulge the details next week!). 

Next week I plan on being fully back into the swing of things, meaning catching up on your blogs, replying to e-mails, and posting more here (I've got lots to share!). 

Have a great Friday, a Happy Old New Year, and a lovely weekend!

04 January, 2012

Another Beginning

 I intended this post to be a recap of our NYE but, the new Blogger interface refuses to publish my photos right side up. Only this shot of the beautiful and equally delicious fleur-de-lys cake (chocolate mousse with hazelnut and fruits) survived. It was a wonderful evening spent with my fiance and close friends, good food, bountiful drink, a roaring fireplace and all the anticipation of a new beginning. 

My fiance's family has been staying with us since Christmas. They will be leaving Friday, and my fiance and I will have a much anticipated night alone. Then, Saturday, we'll drive to the lake house to spend the weekend with them. 

Life will return back to normal on Monday, when my spring term starts and all the craziness associated with it. 

Next weekend we'll have my parent's over for dinner to discuss wedding plans...which means we have a week to make some very, very important decisions. Stay tuned!

All in all, I can already tell that 2012 will be busy. The kind of busy where I'll want to bang my head against the wall occasionally. But it will also be full of many adventures, travels, and accomplishments. And, of course, there are always the moments that we can never plan-- good and bad times that come up along the way. I'm looking forward to the good, and know that we can overcome any bad. 

I hope your year has been off to a great start!