04 January, 2012

Another Beginning

 I intended this post to be a recap of our NYE but, the new Blogger interface refuses to publish my photos right side up. Only this shot of the beautiful and equally delicious fleur-de-lys cake (chocolate mousse with hazelnut and fruits) survived. It was a wonderful evening spent with my fiance and close friends, good food, bountiful drink, a roaring fireplace and all the anticipation of a new beginning. 

My fiance's family has been staying with us since Christmas. They will be leaving Friday, and my fiance and I will have a much anticipated night alone. Then, Saturday, we'll drive to the lake house to spend the weekend with them. 

Life will return back to normal on Monday, when my spring term starts and all the craziness associated with it. 

Next weekend we'll have my parent's over for dinner to discuss wedding plans...which means we have a week to make some very, very important decisions. Stay tuned!

All in all, I can already tell that 2012 will be busy. The kind of busy where I'll want to bang my head against the wall occasionally. But it will also be full of many adventures, travels, and accomplishments. And, of course, there are always the moments that we can never plan-- good and bad times that come up along the way. I'm looking forward to the good, and know that we can overcome any bad. 

I hope your year has been off to a great start!


Anonymous said...

sounds like your 2012 attitude is in perfect order ;-)

Have fun with the wedding plans!

Mel said...

Happy New Year!

sisterseventsprod said...

This cake looks tasty !!!yummy

Inga said...

I am pretty sure my year will be crazy too with the new work. I have had several years now of no worries and no stress and now I really need to bang my head against the wall now and then :) Happy 2012!

tinajo said...

You´ll be bsuy but happy! :-)

Miyan said...

hi sweets! thanks for your congratulation wish on my fresh engagement! i am preparing a little care package and letter for you where ill spill some deets! i want to hear about your upcoming wedding as well!! ;)