12 January, 2012

The Difference A Day Makes

The first photo was taken yesterday afternoon when it was a balmy 54 degrees (F) and we opened the windows to air out the apartment and, the next one this morning with the first real snowfall of the season. 

The second one almost seems like a black and white version of the first, doesn't it? 

(notice the window is firmly shut. brrr)

Now that Christmas has past (and thus any occasion for which snow could be considered charming and apropos) I much prefer to have the first view out the window. 

This winter weather has been so indecisive -first the uncharacteristic warmth, now, finally, the snow, and in the next few days it's expected to warm up again. Make up your mind, Mother Nature (but for goodness sake please don't prolong winter through April!). 

I've survived the first week of the term, even if I did run around like a headless chicken all day today. Tomorrow is the "old" New Year (the Orthodox one), so we'll be celebrating with a bottle of champagne and a cozy night at home (I'll start "celebrating" early by cleaning the apartment....must come into the new year with a clean home!). Sunday my parents will be over for some wedding talk (I'll divulge the details next week!). 

Next week I plan on being fully back into the swing of things, meaning catching up on your blogs, replying to e-mails, and posting more here (I've got lots to share!). 

Have a great Friday, a Happy Old New Year, and a lovely weekend!


Mel said...

I love the snow -- but could really do without the horrible cold coming our way. Happy Old New Year! Have a great weekend!

Miyan said...

ahhhh i got such a cute care package from such a sweet pen pal!!!! i love everything and can not wait to try this raspberry mask!!!!!! im putting together some "israeli" things for you, you should get it soon :)

happy old new year & can not wait to hear more of your weddings plans / details....


Anonymous said...

If winter decides to stay until April you'll simply move to Europe. You can plan your wedding in my dining room or something ;-)

We still haven't had any winter. Some trees have even started blooming again!

Good luck getting organized!

fifth floor apartment said...

i'm sick of the unpredictable weather as well. it was 50 last weekend, now it's 20, tomorrow it'll be in the 40s...no fun at all.

have a great weekend :)

xo alison

Meagan :: Mo Pie, Please said...

What a difference in color! I love the look that natural sunlight gives in photos - so pretty!

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday.