19 January, 2012

Five Things {That Brighten These Winter Days}

{1} The beautiful postcard that came with the calendar I ordered from the Manchiks , and which reminded me of home. 

{2} A collection of new books with beautiful titles that promise delicious content. 

{3} Gold sequins tend to make any day better. 

{4} New scarves in bright colors and soft wool. 

 {5} Not even winter can keep me from my addiction to frozen yogurt!

Thank you so very much for your comments on yesterday's post. You all are the best, truly!


Johanna said...

These 5 things brighten my day for sure...but the frozen yogurt gives me chills...so cold today!

Anonymous said...

love these ;-)

Style Servings said...

I'm with you on the sequins - always lifts my mood!


Miyan said...

winter cant keep me away from frozen either :) love this list!

btw, im retarted and am not sure how to spell your last name. message me so i can send your "care package" =)


The Wearwithal said...

Beautiful! Love your blog.

Feel free to check out mine at http://thewearwithal.blogspot.com/

I'd really appreciate it.


fifth floor apartment said...

i am coveting that frozen yogurt. looks amazing!

xo alison

Anita said...

The yogurt looks delicious *-*