28 March, 2012

Off to Washington D.C. !

Today, I'm off to Washington D.C. for the week for some sightseeing and, more importantly, to catch up with one of my closest friends and visit family. While I'm in D.C., I scheduled several posts that will give you a tour of some of my favorite spots in Chicago which should keep you entertained until I return with stories and photos from what I know will be an amazing few days. 


Miyan said...

have fun in DC! cant wait to see these Chicago posts. I love locals suggestions and favorite spots :)


Sienna said...

Have fun darling!!! can't wait for your posts when you get back!! apparently my old twitter is now deleted so I have to make a new one eventually, but when i do, you'll be the first to know!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time ;-)