12 March, 2012

Scenes from the Botanical Gardens

On Sunday, my love and I took advantage of the beautiful (over 60 degrees F !) weather to return to the place where he proposed eight months ago (how time flies!). It was a perfect afternoon - lunch al fresco for the first time this year, followed by hours of leisurely strolling through the beautiful grounds. I can't wait to return in a few weeks when the trees and flowers will be in full bloom. 

{Pulled pork sandwiches, al fresco} 

{Flowers in bloom}

 {A Japanese garden. The stone with string wrapped around it signifies "stop", and the entire garden is created to facilitate meditation and reflection. Quite beautiful.}

{The veranda where we got engaged} 

Happy Monday, and hope you had a lovely weekend!
 I'm looking forward to a week of warm temperatures.


Christel @ Captivated by image said...

Its so beautiful and romantic there, perfect for an engagement indeed. Its exactly the same over here with those flowers popping out of the ground, I smile every time I see a bunch. Nature is so beautiful!

Kyla said...

Beautiful photos! I would love to visit someday, there's something so classically romantic about botanical gardens.

Nicole said...

Anait thanks so much for visiting my blog! It sounds like we have a lot in common. So excited to meet another Chicago blogger! xoxo

Kelly said...

These are beautiful - springtime is coming :)

Miyan said...

what a lovely little sunday ! :) i bet its emotional to go back to where he proposed...how cute!


classiq said...

The beauty of a Japanese garden is unique. It's so wonderful to see nature coming back to life.

Johanna said...

flowers in bloom - i never tire of it!

tinajo said...

Such lovely pics! :-)

Sienna said...

belle!! it's sienna! i'm back in blog land haha i missed you!!!!

your engagement spot is tres beautiful :)