26 March, 2012

Scenes from the Weekend {At my Parents' House}

We spent the day at my parents' home on Sunday, and it was so nice to catch up with my sisters and parents. The weather was beautiful, so we grilled and went for long walks around the neighborhood. 

I remember living with my parents only seven months ago (before I moved in with my fiance), and feeling stifled and frustrated, but since I moved out, my relationship with them has improved so, so much and now a trip "back home" bring only happiness, warmth and comfort. 

I think at a certain age we naturally need our own space away from our parents, not only for the sake of everyone's sanity, but to grow our characters and to form our own family. Living with my fiance and becoming a "woman of the house", so to speak, has truly given me insight into the way my parents raised us, and what a difficult task that was. 

Not to mention, my mama and I now have a great time trading stories about "our husbands" and how to make the house run smoothly (like that quote from My Big Fat Greek Wedding...a man may be the head of the household, but a woman is the neck, and turns the head. wink). 

It also doesn't hurt that my mama has an incredible green thumb - plants love her and she can make anything grow. The living room windowsill is a feast for the eyes.

 {lemon tree}

All the above culminated to form a day that was very, very easy on the soul. 


Miyan said...

cute post, pen pal! did you get my letter btw ?

also, i totally know what you mean about appreciating your parents and their home so much more when you move out and have to hold up on your own, or with a partner, it really puts perspective on how much it takes to keep a tidy, warm home with an always-full fridge =)


Everything and Anything said...

All the pictures are so pretty!! What a lovely early spring day!!!I hope all is well! take care!

Anonymous said...

I'm so loving these spring days with blooming magnolias. Gorgeous!

I totally get what you mean by the space we need. I had a good relationship with my parents but I remember the freedom when I moved from home. I was simply ready to leave and create my own home.

Happy Spring!