26 April, 2012

French Wedding

I stumbled upon this video yesterday, on Mariel's blog, and have watched it at least fifteen times since...and will probably watch it another fifteen times by the end of the week.

It makes me so excited for our wedding (which, in two months, will only be one year away!!), especially now that we've officially booked the venue and our photographer. We'll be getting married June 2013 in a chateau outside Paris. I can hardly believe it!

This video gives me goosebumps, every time. Unfortunately the videographer they used charges upwards of $10,000 for a mere 6 minute clip.

Anyone have suggestions for a videographer in Paris? :)


Allison said...

Omg, omg, you're going to look like a princess for your wedding! I cannot WAIT to see pictures - and that video is so beautiful it might make me change my opinion on never wanting to get married ;)
Miss you terribly, my friend! We'll talk soon <3

Miyan said...

so excited for you!!! this video is amazing, but gosh- that's a lot of dough to shell out for such a short clip!!


Johanna said...

Two months - you are so close! Best time ever!

Oh Sunnie Day said...

Love the video! Congrats on getting married, that's so exciting :)



Zsuzsa said...

14 month???? It is more what lot os couples run together before a wedding! Why waiting so much time? 14 month??? Insane.

Sienna said...

I mean you've seriously inspired me. I just told my best friend my wedding is going to be in a castle outside Paris, and it's all because of you! hahaha. I can't even wait I'm so excited for you!!!

Celine [starbies and sangrias] said...

Hmm...Studio Artifice did my wedding, but I don't remember it being that much. One prob though, it took more than 1 year to get our video, and that was with alot of emails, tears, and frustration.