03 May, 2012

Groceries, Delivered

If I lived in, say, Paris, or the south of France...or anywhere in Europe, for that matter (sidenote: Universe, take the hint already!), I'd shop at the freshest markets, eat fruits and vegetables in season, and buy my baguettes fresh from the oven. But since I don't, I have to make do with buying the best here...and often, it's hard to trust an "organic" label. 

Lately, grocery delivery services have been gaining popularity - companies that deliver fresh, organic produce straight to your home. I recently had the opportunity to try a delivery from one of these companies. 

Irv and Shelly's Fresh Picks offers year-round home (in the Chicago-land area) delivery of a variety of local and organic fresh produce. They work with sustainable farms, and the produce delivered comes directly from being picked on the farm. Since the company has developed long-term relationships with these farms, and you can find out exactly where your produce came from, it's far easier to trust than an "organic" label. 

Their blog lets you know ahead of time what is in each box for the week, and also offers possible recipes. 

We received a combination of the  Fresh Picks Box in the {single} size (the produce was certainly enough for 2-3 people) and the Fresh Picks Fruit Box Mini . Our boxes held: beets, asparagus, potatoes, yellow onions, crimini mushrooms, ramps, parsley, green leaf lettuce, pears, strawberries, and mangoes. 

I loved that the vegetables still had a bit of dirt on them (they were fresh picked!!), and the strawberries actually had the smell of strawberries. 

Of course, I put the strawberries to work right away!

A few days ago, we took advantage of the warmer weather and grilled the mushrooms and asparagus. The mushrooms were so flavorful, I definitely ate more than my share. 

I also really like the idea of grocery deliver since it encourages me to experiment with my recipes...tomorrow I'll be using the ramps, which I had never heard of before, to make gyoza.

One unfortunate fact - fresh produce goes bad faster (since it isn't fed or sprayed any sort of preservatives), so don't let it sit in the fridge for too long.

I'm a huge fan of Irv and Shelly's Fresh Picks, and highly recommend it if you are in the Chicago-land area. To that end, they are offering Cap Ou Pas Cap readers $10 off your first order. Use code "JJBlog". They offer a really great variety of produce - from fruits and vegetables to poultry and meats, to baked goods, to Juicing boxes and Cleanse boxes. They are also very reasonably priced so - use that code and get yourself some fresh produce!!

(For my European readers, there are similar companies for you, as well...though I'm not sure it's as necessary when fresh markets are so easily available, and in my experience European food is just better, period. BUT, if you are interested, you can read a review of a European-based food delivery service here).

Though the company generously gave me the above produce free of charge, my opinions are 100% reflective of my true thoughts and experience. 


Sienna said...

i hear ya---my dream is to live somewhere where i can shop at the markets every morning. how romantic does that sound??? those chocolate covered strawberries look pretty delis though!

tinajo said...

Oh, these pics made me so hungry! :-)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to get a home delivery like that! I'm hungry after reading this post (strawberries, anyone?!!) and luckily hubby and the girls went to by some groceries we need for dinner ;-)

I hope university life is treating you nicely.

Allison said...

This is wonderful - I started supporting a farm co-op, so now I get a box every two weeks of fresh produce. These pictures are lovely - though I'm with you on wishing I was in Paris shopping at the fresh markets on a daily basis! :)

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I love this concept, we have similar things here in Australia. Though I must say I haven't experienced the beauty of receiving fruit and veggies with small patches of dirty :/

Tere Ávila said...

great foood honneyy, i really love it!


Everything and Anything said...

hello!! it s been a while! I hope you are doing well! Take care!