14 June, 2012

Back from Latvia

I"m back from the trip of a lifetime - I explored Latvia, saw my grandparents, indulged in countless cups of smooth coffee and flaky pastries, and walked cobblestone streets until I could no longer feel my feet.

It feels surreal to be back - these two worlds are so different that while I am in one, the other feels like a dream.  I miss my grandparents terribly - though I know my parents brought us here for a better life, and greater opportunities, the physical separation between our loved ones overseas leaves an open, gnawing wound in the soul.

I've always dreamed of living in Paris - but as I grow older (and dare I say wiser), I realize that I would never want to separate my {future} children from their grandparents. Although I have always been a wanderer at heart (and in reality, having lived in four countries before the age of 10), lately I have come to understand the value, indeed the necessity, of forming roots, of cultivating family relationships - and how lucky I am to have family, if only immediate, close by.

But don't get me wrong - this gypsy soul can't be stifled. My fiance promised me 6 months to 1 year in Paris, and I plan to keep him accountable! (And perhaps while we are there I"ll so happen to lose my passport, and we'll have to stay longer. Also...if I give birth in Paris, do I get citizenship as well? .....) What I'm saying is - I plan to fill my life with travel and adventure, but perhaps the most important part of it all is having a home to come back to, and all the people that fill it with warmth and love.

More Latvia posts coming up!


tinajo said...

I think your thoughrs are wise - travelling is wonderful but so are roots. If I can combine those two I'll be a happy camper! ;-)

Inga said...

I am glad you are back :) This is soo true. Travel, andventures, new people but being able to go back to YOUR people and home.

MVN said...

You've shared the same exact sentiments I've been feeling and have come to realize not too long ago. I love your plan to live a life of travel and adventure, but as you said, having a home to come back to is the most important part--and what we are lucky to have or find.

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful post.

That idea of losing your passport in Paris sounds like an excellent plan ;-)

If my parents want to be closer to their grandchildren they'll simply have to move to the Continent as well. I'm not moving back to Iceland. I'm not sacrificing this freedom we have; being able to go on day trips to other countries or taking longer trips without having to board an airplane every time. This is all getting very comfortable so I think it impossible to return ;-)

Miyan said...

great post! we cant wait to hear (read!) more about your trip.