26 June, 2012

Old Town, Riga

Riga's Old Town, the historic city centre, can be walked through in less than an hour....but we took our time meandering through the winding streets, and always looking up to appreciate the beautiful architecture.

I have a weakness for cobblestone streets....and although my love for them has not faded, in the process of walking on them for hours on end, I renewed my love for flat shoes (which I often neglect in favor of heels), without which my feet may have simply fallen off.

Riga graced us with its typical clouds and chilly weather, but it only served to enhance the colors of the city--against a dark grey sky, the yellows, reds and blues appeared almost neon. There were also plenty of cafes to duck into when the breeze seeped through our coats.


Miyan said...

looks like such a lovely place! im a huge fan of cobblestone streets as well, there is just something magical about them!!


Sienna said...

oh my gosh its gorgeous, i love the cobblestone streets

Anonymous said...

Riga looks beautiful with your eyes. A few of my friends have been there and some have visited more than ones. They all praise it.

I think the cobblestoned streets on the Continent are the reason for my newfound respect for flats! I very soon switched from heels to ballerinas after we moved ;-)

Inga said...

I want to go there. The old town is on the UNESCO list isn´t it? I´ve only been to Tallin.

Anonymous said...

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Helen said...

Beautiful! This reminds me so much of Prague, where I studied abroad 3 years ago. Latvia is so dreamy. I'm glad you had a great trip!