08 August, 2012

Girls Day

Since starting grad school, then moving in with my fiance last year, and consequently moving from the suburbs to the city (Halleluja!), I've spent considerably less time with my girlfriends. Between our family, work and school commitments, significant others, and distance between our homes, it is getting harder and harder to arrange get-togethers.

I recently posted about "being busy" and since then, I've been making a conscious effort to prioritize my life and MAKE the time for everything. Of course, no day is perfect ~ everything is about finding a balance between being too overworked/socialized to absolutely lazy (both extremes at which I excel).

One way which has helped me to get organized and find time for everything is using my calendar to "schedule" dates and outings. I'm generally a planner/list-maker with a penchant for the spontaneous. Scheduling dates with my girlfriends satisfies my inner obsessive planner, and leaving the location/activities to whim satisfies my spontaneous side.

This past weekend we rendez-vous'ed in one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods for a fun filled day.

Strolling through our old neighborhood ~ this house has been our favorite for years now. That wooden door, iron gate and window flowers are divine.
Lunch at the most adorable Italian bistro. Beautiful interior, the most delicious Sangria I've had outside of Spain (and I know my Sangria!), and a classic Margherita pizz made for the perfect few hours of catching-up.
An epic storm rolled in, during which we stood outside, completely drenched, waiting to hail a cab. The rain was freezing, our shoes (and everything else) completely soaked, our umbrellas useless in the face of strong winds ~ but it's an outing we'll not soon forget! Besides, I've always loved being out in the rain, especially when it's all you can do to stand outside and be completely soaked.                            


Miyan said...

one of the hardest parts of living abroad is being so far away from my girlfriends. so i totally understand how you feel about missing time with them! but your girls date sounds like it was so much fun!

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Sienna said...

that pizza looks amazing! glad you had some time for a girls day, we all need it!

Johanna said...

This looks like a great day down to the pizza. Heaven!

tinajo said...

It can be SO hard to find the time, a friend of mine and I talked about just that the other day. We live pretty close and still we haven´t seen eachother in maybe 4 months, since we never seem to get our schedules to match up..!

I miss Chicago - most likely I´ll go there next May if everything works out.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a perfect day, even the rain storm! That house is yours, right? ;-)

Monica said...

i enjoyed reading about your day, i would have loved being caught in the rain too.

i think it a shame to have lives that require pencilling in friends, but you gotta do what you gotta do. it's better than not pencilling them in and then not seeing each other. love that last shot.