28 August, 2012

Wisdom comes with experience, not teeth

.....or so I hope, because my four wisdom teeth are all gone. Some people have very quick recoveries from oral surgery. I am not one of those people. 

However, I must admit that apart from the nausea, an allergic reaction to my antibiotic, pain, pain and more pain, and the inability to stay awake for more than an hour, it has been rather nice to be doted on. I'm lucky as my mother-in-law is staying with us and has pampered me with soups, kasha, and smoothies. 

The best part? My love has been feeding my absolute obsession with ice cream every night. And even better? It has had no effect on my waistline (enter nausea). 

Although it's rather sad as this pampering has been tapering off and I am forced to be a big girl and "suck it up". Sob.

I'm back on my feet today, as it was the first day of a new semester. I also did a small load of laundry. Which made me feel as if I had just climbed Mt. Everest. Twice. I'm not joking when I say I took a nap afterwards.

Tuesdays are supposed to be the new "Going Natural" series, but I'll post on that this Friday, instead, and then resume the usual schedule next Tuesday (I've got some great new products to introduce you to!). 

Have you had your wisdom teeth out? How was it? 

p.s. I was terrified of receiving general anesthesia (a light formulation via IV)...but it was actually quite nice. When I brought up that I wanted to do local anesthesia, the dentist suggested that if I did not have a keen interest in oral surgery I should go for the happy drugs and sleep. 

It is strange, however, to not remember a chunk of time, or scatterings of the hours afterward. Thankfully I did not say/do anything embarrassing in my anesthetized state. Winning.


tinajo said...

You poor thing - I´ve removed two when I was a teen and darn it - awful experience!

Miyan said...

hey babe! i hope you feel better soon. i remember getting my wisdom teeth out, i was in dallas at the time and straight up called my dad in israel while drugged up and made a fool of myself! haha! i remember feeling groggy and crappy but i remember going shopping the next day with my mom so i guess it went well for me...

i actually just got a root canal yesterday, and i have to go back for more :( it hurts, too. and you dont get drugs, so advil it is for me...

anyways, im thinking you should be receiving another little "penpal" package pretty soon :)