06 March, 2013

Waiting for Springtime

Oh, Spring, how I long for you!

To fall asleep with the windows slighltly ajar, and to wake to a cool breeze floating through the room. 

To eat simply and al fresco. 

To fill the flat with peonies and tulips.

Source: instagr.am via Anait on Pinterest

To explore my city with a vigor and freshness that spring days inspire.

To find beauty above, in the trees that bloom.

Source: weheartit.com via Anait on Pinterest

To shed winter layers for a simpler look.

Spring and autumn are the seasons in which I am perfectly content. They are a happy medium between frosty winters and stifling summers. I do not wish for any other season when I am in spring or autumn.

Though my city is in the midst of a snowstorm,  it is now March - Spring can't be too far away, can it?


tinajo said...

Beautiful pics, makes me long for spring even more!

Johanna said...

Reading this makes me bummed because we just got a major snowfall but I look forward to all of these activities!

Miyan said...

we are enjoying sunny (but still kinda chilly) weather. but i cant wait for spring either!


Miyan said...

kinda copied your post :)


Allison said...

Yes to all of these (though I still sleep with the window open even in the winter - I love lots of blankets!). Eating outside?! Yes please (bring the wine).
This post is making me crave warm weather and running outside - I may copy this post a little bit, si vous plait, mon amie! <3 xox, enjoy your weekend!