24 April, 2013

Hotel Monaco Part I - The Monte Carlo Suite

My love and I are currently planning our fast-approaching honeymoon (and this means fast-approaching wedding....yay!) to Nice, from where we will be taking numerous day trips - including one to Monaco. Little did I know, I would have a little taste of Monaco when I traveled to Denver earlier this month.

In the past few years, I've grown partial to the Kimpton Hotels, a group of stylish boutique hotels sprinkled throughout the country. I've stayed at several of their properties here in Chicago and have been impressed every time with the service and the quality of the details that make a stay at any Kimpton hotel feel like a luxurious getaway, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure.

I originally booked my stay in Denver with the Grand Hyatt but, when I realized the Kimpton Hotels had a property there, I quickly canceled my original reservation and was on my way to Hotel Monaco.

As the doors were opened for me by the smiling attendants (who open doors every minute of the day for everyone who pass through - and with a huge smile and kind greeting every single time), I walked into the lobby, checked in, and didn't even take a second look around before speed-walking to the elevator and to my room.

Why the rush?

Well, if you knew your room was the Monte Carlo Suite, you would run, too! Allow me to give you a virtual tour...



I could have easily spent all my time in Denver moving from one corner to the next in this beautiful room. And oh, that bed! That headboard! Give me a good book and a bottomless supply of coffee (and my fiancé wouldn't hurt either)  and I'd happily spend the day cozied amongst the fluffy pillows and warm down blankets.

The bathroom had C.O. Bigelow toiletries (paraben free!), a nice wide counter to lay out my toiletries and, my favorite detail - a magnifying mirror with multiple lighting settings to help make any makeup application flawless.

Speaking of details - the reason I come back to Kimpton hotels are the details that are put into every single aspect of the room. From luxurious fabrics, to quirky decorations, each room has a unique feel far from the standard cookie-cutter rooms common in American hotels.

I must find a way to replicate these curtains for my apartment.  

I've never seen this in any other hotel  - and  I loved being able to put a face to the person who made my room so nice and welcoming every day (and to be able to personalize the note I always leave for housekeeping at the end of my stay).

I'll take one of these for the foot of my bed, please.

And, best of all, let me introduce you to Goldie, my companion for the duration of my stay. Yes, that's right. Kimpton hotels will give you a little goldfish to keep you company. Prior to taking advantage of the opportunity, I asked if any fish had died whilst in possession of a guest, and was assured that all goldfish have been returned alive and well--they are fed in the morning by housekeeping.

So, Goldie and I quickly became friends (she had little say in the matter) and every morning as I walked past her little bowl, she put a smile on my face. Well done, Hotel Monaco!

The hotel offers several other in-room services which I did not have time to enjoy. For example, you can take advantage of "Haute Yoga" and request a yoga mat for your room. Free on-demand fitness routines guide you through various workouts.

If you are ever in Denver, don't hesitate and book a room at the Hotel Monaco.

For my Chicago readers, I'd recommend any of the Kimpton hotels here in a heartbeat. My fiancé and I like to book a staycation at Hotel Allegro every once in a while....and I have my eye on Hotel Burnham next.

Before booking your next hotel, check the Kimpton website, there may just be a luxurious room waiting for you!

*As an avid traveler, I love to share my hotel finds with my readers. This time, I was lucky enough to be sponsored, though this did not influence one way or another my opinion of the hotel.


Miyan said...

great post! the room looked amazing! and goldie was adorbs. so cool that you were sponsored here, way to go girl!

Inga said...

What a luxury :)

Allison said...

This room is phenomenal - that's the only way I can describe how beautiful it is! I also love the idea of knowing who is cleaning the room - what a cute and personal touch!